REVIEW OF THE MONOGRAPH: Akavov Z. N. Vectors of cognition: articles, essays, interviews. (Makhachkala: Dagestan Book Publishing House, 2021. 416 p.)

Pages: 100 - 104

Doctor of Philosophy, Professor M. I. Bilalov, analyzing the monograph of the famous Dagestan literary critic, head of the Department of Literature of the State Pedagogical Institute, Professor Z. N. Akavov, notes that it reflects the long-lasting Russian socio-cultural reality in three main areas – 1) enlightenment in the North Caucasus in the context of the formation of national literature, 2) reflection reflection of the theme of the East in the works of classics of Russian literature and 3) the study of Russian literature in the context of the Eurasian cultural and historical paradigm. As the reviewer points out, the scientific school of Professor Z. N. Akavov develops his research problems, and the study of the artistic manifestation of Eurasianism as the geopolitical foundation of Russian civilization has advanced to a new level.

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