Herald of the G. Tsadasa Institute of Language, Literature and Art. Issue 27 (2021)

REVIEW OF THE MONOGRAPH: Akamov A. T. The artistic spiritual heritage of the Kumyks: interpretation, problematics, topic. (Makhachkala: IYALI DFRS RAS; ALEF, 2020. 324 p.)

Pages: 93 - 96

The review of Doctor of Philology, Professor A.-K. Y. Abdullatipov examines the monograph of Doctor of Philology A. T. Akamov, which is the first experience of a holistic review of the issues of the formation and development of literary traditions of Dagestan on the material of Kumyk literature. According to the reviewer, the book by A. T. Akamov is a significant contribution to the study of the spiritual literature of the Kumyks.

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