Herald of the G. Tsadasa Institute of Language, Literature and Art. Issue 23 (2020)


UDK: 811.351.12

Pages: 6 - 12

An attempt is made to show that in the course of historical development and under the influence of other anthroponym-ic systems, the bulk of the original names of the Avars were lost. A small part of them that have been preserved shows that this category of names was mainly formed by suffixes added to the name, to the verb base, to the adverb, or by the word structure, and not all of them have a clear semantics. The socio-historical, ethnographic and cultural state of a people is recorded in anthroponymy only indirectly and is held by tradition for many hundreds of years after the phe-nomena that brought them to life have already been lost. Thus, models of personal names with the term kinship, formed probably in the bowels of the tribal system, are kept in the Avar code names in our time.

Keywords: the Dagestan languages, the Avar language, onomastic universals, personal names, origins of formation, primordial layer.

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