Bulletin of the G. Tsadasa Institute of Language, Literature and Art. Issue 29 (2022)

«The Reminiscencies» by OF MAGOMED DZHAFAROV

UDK: 82/821.0

Pages: 34 - 41

The purpose of the article is to consider as an object of artistic research «The Remoniscences» by Magomed Dzhafarov, who created an outstanding historical and artistic memoir testimony about the civil war in Dage-stan. The scientific novelty of the work is due to the fact that the memoirs of Magomed Dzhafarov are being studied for the first time from the point of view of their genre and artistic features. As a result of the study, it was revealed that the author was able to create a true picture of the era of the civil war, to show the life of the Da-gestan peoples in this not easy time. The memoirs also trace the fate of Dagestan and Russian officers who found themselves in a difficult life situation after the revolution. Dhzafarov's memoirs present portraits of histor-ical figures who played an important role in the era of the civil war, that may be also the evidence of Dzhafa-rov's extraordinary skill as an author-memoirist.

Keywords: Magomed Dzhafarov, «The Reminiscences», memoirs,style, Dagestan memoir and biographical literature, author, genre features.

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