Herald of the G. Tsadasa Institute of Language, Literature and Art. Issue 26 (2021)


UDK: 7.022

Pages: 68 - 76

The article considers the history of relations of traditional art crafts of Dagestan with the Research Institute of Art Industry (RIAI). Due to its budgetary and personnel capabilities, the Institute tried to support the art crafts of Dagestan until the late 1980s. Since 1979, the Mahachkalinsky branch of RIAI has been working here. Artists, scientific employees of the Institute helped masters in search of prospective assortment for crafts, taught them skills to study the history of crafts, revival of traditions. The most significant role in such cooperation was played by scientific employees of the Institute: E. M. Shilling, E. M. Kilchevskaya, T. M. Razin, D. A. Chirkov, etc. Important for the crafts of the region was the assistance of the artists of the Institute in the execution of samples for introduction into serial production, the production of exhibits for All-Russian and international exhibitions, orders of state institutions and museums related to celebrations in the country of various anniversary. This practice was common for art artels, state mills of the Soviet time. Working with the artists of RIAI masters of Dagestan learned to draw up (drawings with pencil, Indian ink), compositions of patterns, to drafts of products, and also to collect field material on historical culture of crafts, to work as professional artists of applied art.

Keywords: traditional applied art, art artels of Dagestan, Research Institute of Art Industry (RIAI), R. A. Alirhanov.

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