Bulletin of the G. Tsadasa Institute of Language, Literature and Art. Issue 29 (2022)


UDK: 75+7.036

Pages: 66 - 74

The article is devoted to the biography and creative search of the famous artist of Russia, a member of the Un-ion of Artists of the Russian Federation (Vladimir Region) Ordzhonikidze Izmaylov. He was a native of the vil-lage of Kubachi (Dagestan). He had a difficult fate, where both the difficult years of the military era and the ear-ly death of his mother, and the orphanage life of the post-war era, and hobbies with art under the guidance of an experienced mentor. And then there was a professional art education, and a long-term patient work of a painter and master.

Keywords: village Kubachi, village Sulevkent, Grozny, orphanage, Murom, Vladimir, art education..

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