Herald of the G. Tsadasa Institute of Language, Literature and Art. Issue 25 (2021)


UDK: 8.821.35

Pages: 25 - 32

The article deals with the study of the lyrics of the modern Avar poet Gadzhi Gazimirzaev (1927–1994), the identification of the peculiarities of its problems and poetics. The complex and intense moral-ethical, socio-philosophical and personal searches of the 1960s and early 1990s were reflected in it. The poetry of G. Gazimirzaev is rich in thematic variety. His lyrical poems about eternal feelings of love and fidelity, about the difficult relationship between a man and a woman, about homeland and patriotism win over with deep sincerity, purity and nobility of a romantic nature. The lyric poetry of G. Gazimirzaev is consonant with the artistic quest of his era, directed to the study of the modern world; it aspires to high truths and values, comprehension of great social and spiritual problems of man, revealing the moral foundations of human existence, the roots of goodness and love, truth and conscience.

Keywords: Gadzhi Gazimirzaev, Avar literature, poetry, lyrics, lyric hero, problems..

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