Herald of the G. Tsadasa Institute of Language, Literature and Art. Issue 25 (2021)

KUBACHI AND THE STATE HERMITAGE MUSEUM (Collecting practices, sales, studying the art of craft)

UDK: 39

Pages: 49 - 58

The article analyses the cooperation of the Kubachi antiquaries with the State Hermitage Museum in the for-mation of a number of its collections, the sale of exhibits to the museum, and the study of Kubachi art. The role of Academician I. A. Orbeli, head of the East Department of the State Hermitage Museum A. A. Ivanov, and Kubachi master R. A. Alikhanov in this matter is shown. The Kubachi traditions of collecting antique values and their importance in preserving the cultural heritage of Dagestan are demonstrated.

Keywords: the village of Kubachi, the State Hermitage Museum, Academician I. A. Orbeli, A. A. Ivanov, R. A. Alikhanov.

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