GAMZAT TSADASA IN THE MEMORY OF CONTEMPORARIES (Based on the memoirs of Zairbek Alikhanov)

UDK: 8.821

Pages: 35 - 41

The article analyses the book of the famous Avar teacher, writer and folklorist Zairbek Alikhanov «Memories of Gamzat Tsadasa». In the course of the analysis, the emphasis is placed on the peculiarities of the author's approach to revealing the image of the national poet of Dagestan, on the methods and techniques, artistic means used by him in revealing the character, psychology, features of his hero's creativity, as well as the orig-inality of the epoch, the social environment in which he lived and created

Keywords: memoirs, Gamzat Tsadasa, people, poet, Tsada, creativity, epigraph..

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