Herald of the G. Tsadasa Institute of Language, Literature and Art. Issue 23 (2020)

AMATEUR COMPOSERS AND PERFORMERS OF AVAR SONGS OF THE LATE XIX – MIDDLE OF THE XX CENTURY (Based on materials from Gumbetovsky district of the Republic of Dagestan)

UDK: 78.075

Pages: 81 - 85

The article describes the life and work of amateur composers, instrumentalists and folk singers Tluril Labazan from Inkho, Karimgadzhiyav, Arashev Omar, Abdulkhan, Gadzhiakhmed, Gaychulav from Igali, Shigabudin and Mukhumaali from Araderich, who left a noticeable trace in musical art not only of this region, but also of the entire territory of distribution of the Avar ethnos. Some of them were at one time known throughout Dagestan.

Keywords: musical figures, folk music, amateur composers, Dagestan performers, Gumbet microregion.

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